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L120-S control

Stainless steel mechanical control knob built under our own patent to be used in a multitude of equipment with two degrees of action. Manufactured from durable and robust materials that offer reliable and long-lasting operation. Ideal for both professional and sport boats with single engine and console or bulkhead mounting.

Our most compact and professional version for classic control on all types of boats. With wide spacing for mounting on different types of surfaces such as marine sheet metal, fibre, steel, aluminium, etc.


A lever with dual function: shift and acceleration. Disengage position and acceleration only (warm-up). For single-engine installations. It incorporates friction regulation and different positions for different cable runs.


  • Side mounting with four cable exit options.
  • Dual function lever.
  • Standard model for 3300/33C push-pull cables.
  • Available for 4300/43C and other cable types on request.
  • Cable clamps 33C included.
  • Disengage for engine warm-up by pushing the lever inwards.
  • Three throttle stroke options and two clutch options are built in.
  • All possible push-pull combinations depending on the cables.
  • Front, lever, shaft, frame and different parts of the inner mechanism in 316 and 304 stainless steel.
  • Screws in stainless steel 304 (A2) and 316 (A4).
  • Adjustment of the hardness / sensitivity of the lever.
  • Well-defined anchor points at neutral, forward and rear for better control