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Control VX120-S

The VX102-S is a control solution for professional vessels that require operation from both inside and outside the wheelhouse. A simple, efficient and durable solution for two control stations without the need for additional equipment and cables.

Two stations connected to each other in a simple and efficient way


Compact controller designed for small to medium sized professional vessels. An optimal solution for confined spaces and where a single operator has to perform both indoor and outdoor functions. Easy access to the interior for maintenance and inspection.


  • Vertical mounting on console and external bulkhead.
  • Both levers with dual function.
  • Standard model for 3300/33C push-pull cables.
  • Available for 4300/43C and other cables on request.
  • Cable clamps 33C included.
  • Disengage for engine warm-up by pushing either lever inwards.
  • Three built-in acceleration stroke options.
  • All possible push-pull combinations depending on the cables.
  • Front, lever, shaft, frame and different parts of the inner mechanism in 316 and 304 stainless steel.
  • Screws in stainless steel 304 (A2) & 316 (A4).
  • Adjustment of the hardness / sensitivity of the lever.
  • Well-defined anchor points at neutral, forward and rear for better control.