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Installation of marine controls. Most common mistake.

The installation of marine controls for boats is a relatively simple task; however, it is not without its peculiarities and a certain amount of experience and knowledge is required to do a professional and efficient job. A few good installation instructions and some of our tips and you will have no problem.

The most common error we have observed at Mechanis is the incorrect installation of cables, which negatively affects the operation of the controller. When we notice hardness, rubbing or undesired interlocking of the control, we must first of all check that the control is working properly. To do this, disconnect the throttle and accelerator cables and check that the control operates freely and smoothly. If this is the case, we have confirmation that the problem lies in the installation of the cables, which is usually the most recurrent problem.

Virtually all cables on the market, including Mechanis cables, have a clearance at the 8° terminal as shown in the following drawing.

In the first picture taken during the installation of one of our customers you can see the typical installation error. The working angle in one of the gearbox positions far exceeds the normal 8º of play in the cables, reaching 10.70º.

Not exceeding this 8° of play in the cable installation is very important to ensure correct and accurate operation of any controller on the market.

Make sure your wires go as straight as possible (0°) into the working pins of your Mechanis control and do the same at the terminals going to the gearbox and throttle mechanism.

A good installation will make your commands more accurate to your propulsion system. You will have better control over your boat and it will make your equipment last longer.

The installation of marine controls still has a few peculiarities that you should be aware of, an incorrect installation can seriously damage your equipment and even your boat. From Mechanis S.L. we recommend you to go to your trusted garage to carry out a safe and efficient installation with maximum guarantees.

Good installation and good bow!

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