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At Mechanis we are first and foremost Seafarers. A decades-long history dedicated to navigation,  professional fishing, recreational boating, onboard maintenance, and engineering endorses us.

                 From this extensive experience accumulated over three generations of professionals, we have defined the requirements for working in an exposed environment. A saline environment. An oxidising environment. A marine environment.

Mechanis was born in 1997 from the need to find high quality control instruments on the market that would last over time and offer reliability to the seafarer for the control of vessels. Aluminium alloys such as zamak or conventional plastics have proven to be unsuitable materials for use at sea. Corrosion in saline environments as well as actinic degradation cause these materials not only to deteriorate but sometimes to fail by breakage, cracking or simply disintegrate. That is why at Mechanis we use AISI 316 stainless steel as our main construction material. A material that is impervious to the elements and needs no introduction.

We have developed and patented our push-pull cable control mechanisms and constructed them in durable materials to give the seafarer the assurance that they will not fail.

Effective – Simple – Long-lasting

This premise, distilled from decades of experience at sea, is the soul of our technology and therefore of our products. We design and manufacture with these three concepts in mind.

Mechanis is a think tank based on innovation, technology and the development of new mechanisms and devices for the marine industry. Our focus is on technological improvement and evolution in order to provide seafarers with professional instruments of the highest quality and reliability that can be found on the market. Because in the end, we create instruments for people.