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Controles marinos inoxidables desde 1997

Somos profesionales del Mar


We design and manufacture
professional marine controls of the highest quality.

We began our journey in 1997, manufacturing the first prototypes and starting distribution in 1998. Since then, we have never stopped improving our products to provide seafarers with reliable tools and instruments.
Over the years we have refined our technology to meet three fundamental principles in the sea: efficiency, simplicity and durability. And we have succeeded.

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Understood as the minimum effort necessary to achieve the desired objective. No more, no less. A mechanism to fulfil an order optimally, precisely and accurately. Effectiveness understood as a straight line over time. No change.


“At sea, the simpler the better”.

This is reflected in our mechanisms and in the design of our products. Simple lines where functionality marks the outline and the objective marks the design. 


Truly the key to our technology and our raison d’être. To provide seafarers with tools and instruments of confidence that will last over time, so that they can carry out their activities with the conviction that they will not fail.

Innovative and professional marine technology

We not only offer our customers the best marine controls on the market worldwide, but also the best after sales service.

Our own patents

At Mechanis we have developed our own patents for the mechanisms that make up our products. An arduous task of research and development that continues today and is imprinted in our DNA. We are the only manufacturers of stainless steel in Spain and the only ones in the world.

Stainless steel

As Gente de Mar we know what we can trust. Stainless steel is a material that needs no introduction and which has proven over the last decades its optimal performance in the sea. That is why it is the soul of our mechanism, the principle of our durability.

3-year warranty

All Mechanis equipment and devices are guaranteed for three years. During that time, if your equipment requires any repairs or replacement parts due to a manufacturing defect, we will send you a new replacement free of charge.

We are manufacturer

Mechanis is the only Spanish company that designs and manufactures control equipment for marine engines, which allows us a wide versatility when it comes to adapting our products to the customer’s needs.

Our technical department is at the disposal of our customers to offer them new solutions to mechanical control problems on motors or any other device operated in the Sea by means of push-pull cables. Please contact us and tell us about your needs. 

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Don’t lose control

We know all too well what it is like when a team fails you and abandons you at the Sea. We know all too well what it means when your commands to the propulsion are not transmitted as they are  during a docking manoeuvre. We know this all too well because we have lived it. That’s why we create rustproof and durable mechanisms that are resistant to saline environments, and why we have proven this with customers who have been operating our controls for more than 22 years.



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